CFDはレバレッジ商品です。 CFD取引はすべての人に適しているわけではなく、預金を超える損失が発生する可能性があるため、関連するリスクを十分に理解してください.

Forex trading

Harness volatility in the world’s most-traded financial market with United States’s best forex provider.1

Why trade CFDs on forex with Arum Capital?

Get an edge with United States’s best web-based platform and award-winning mobile apps2

Reduce risk and protect your profits with stops and limits – including guaranteed stops for watertight protection3

Get friendly, expert support 24 hours a day from 8am Saturday to 10pm Friday

Identify CFDs on FX opportunities on clear, fast charts and deepen your analysis with ProRealTime

Get a peace of mind trading CFDs on forex online with a provider that’s authorised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of United States (MAS)

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Ways to trade CFDs on forex with Arum Capital

CFD DMA (Forex Direct)
Accessible to All clients All clients
Traded in Contracts Lots
Commission Commission-free for FX Variable commission
Platforms Web, mobile apps, ProRealTime, L2 Dealer, terminals and APIs Web, mobiles apps, L2 Dealer, terminals and APIs
Demo account Yes No

What is forex trading?

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies on the foreign exchange market with the aim of making a profit.
Forex is the world’s most-traded financial market, with transactions worth trillions of dollars taking place every day.

Why forex?

  • Go long or short
  • 24-hour trading
  • High liquidity
  • Constant opportunities
  • Trade on leverage
  • Wide range of CFD FX pairs

How do I trade CFDs on forex?

  • Decide how you’d like to trade CFDs on forex
  • Learn how the forex market works
  • Open a CFD forex trading account
  • Constant opportunities
  • Build a trading plan
  • Choose your CFD forex trading platform
  • Open, monitor and close your first position

Open an account quickly and simply

Fast execution on a huge range of markets

Enjoy flexible access to more than 17,000 global markets, with reliable execution

Deal seamlessly, wherever you are

Trade on the move with our natively designed, award-winning trading app

Feel secure with a trusted provider

With 45 years of experience, we’re proud to offer a truly market-leading service

How much does CFDs on FX trading cost?


When you trade CFDs you do so with leverage - meaning you can win, or lose, a significant amount more than your initial deposit - called your margin. Though not actually a cost to you, the margin you pay makes a big difference to the affordability of your forex trade.

Spot FX Retail margin Leverage equivalent Accredited investor margin Leverage equivalent
EUR/USD 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
AUD/USD 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
USD/JPY 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
EUR/GBP 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
GBP/USD 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
EUR/JPY 5% 1:20 2% 1:50
USD/CHF 5% 1:20 2% 1:50


Your key payment for trading CFDs on forex is the spread – the difference between the buy and the sell price – our charge for executing your trade. We work to keep our spreads among the lowest in the business.

Spot FX Arum Capital’s min. spread Arum Capital’s av. spread4 Arum Capital’s av. spread (00:00 – 21:00)5
EUR/USD 0.6 1.04 0.75
AUD/USD 0.6 1.03 0.74
USD/JPY 0.7 1.18 0.83
EUR/GBP 0.9 1.89 1.19
GBP/USD 0.9 1.83 1.19
EUR/JPY 1.5 2.43 1.76
USD/CHF 1.5 2.22 1.91

Trade more, pay less

When you trade the minimum notional amount (USD million) of volume required monthly, you’ll be eligible for forex volume based rebates and be rewarded with a cash rebate. Find out more about our rebates scheme by contacting [email protected] Rebates are credited on or around the 10th of the following calendar month.

Choose your currency trading platform

Manage opportunity at your desk or on the go with United States’s best web trading platform and mobile trading app.2

Intuitive web platform

Build forex trading algorithms to execute automatically, even if your machine is off.

PC Trading Terminal

Discover a clear, smart way to trade forex that’s intuitive and requires no downloads.

Mobile apps

Trade forex on the move, so you need never miss an opportunity.

Award-winning service

Start trading today

Simple account opening. Easy-to-use platform. First-class customer service. Choose an established world leader in online trading.

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Learn more about us

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1 Awarded the best forex provider in United States by the Global Brands Magazine in 2022.
2 Based on the Investment Trends 2018 United States CFD & FX Report based on a survey of over 4,500 traders and investors. Awarded the Best Online Trading Platform by Influential Brands in 2021. Awarded the best retail FX provider for Asia by FX Markets in 2021.
3You’ll pay a small premium only if your guaranteed stop is triggered.
4Average spread (Monday 00:00 – Friday 22:00 GMT) for the 12 weeks ending 8th January 2021. For our minimum spreads, please see our forex product details.
5Average spread (between 00:00-21:00 GMT Monday to Friday) for the 12 weeks ending 29th May 2020. For our minimum spreads, please see our forex product details.
6Average spread (Monday 00:00 – Friday 22:00 GMT) for the 12 weeks ending 19th March 2019. There is also a commission charge for Forex Direct.